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I shouldn't stay up too much longer tonight. There are the boeing surplus plans in the morning. Anyone or everyone still interested? Give me a phone call at 206.351.9670 so that I know what's going on. or you can text message me about it. I have room for 3 people in my car and if we pass that, we will need another car. I would like to leave before 11 am so that we have time to look around and I can get back without worry about making it to work on time at 4 pm in Issaquah. Let me know, ok?

Today, there was the work which was uneventful and then there was the hanging out at the house with was a bit more fun. I start to all freak out because I really wanted a can opener so I could have soup, but there was none. I also wanted a tea kettle but we didn't have one of those either. So I went to Trader Joe's and bought some food, but they didn't have a can opener either. So as I was complaining about it, Ashley suggested Ikea, which I had actually never been to before. So we jumped into the car and had an Ikea adventure. $50 later, I have a tea kettle plus some other stuff like cups and silverware and the like, but still no can opener. I ended up buying one at safeway just so I would feel better about the whole thing. I never thought that a can opener would lead me to so much panic and stress. At least it was a fun evening over all. I also watched some interesting movies here at the house, or al least bits and pieces of them. I've drank just a little too much tonight and now I can't remember any names.


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