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Too much has gone by that's worth writing about that I haven't written anything about. I hate it when that happens. Sometimes, I just don't let myself have the time I need to really write about things that I want to in here.

Yesterday, Brendan and I went to the skate shop on the ave for an instore appearance of sole. Unfortunately, he never showed up, but that didn't stop me from spending some money there. I finally bought myself a copy of Jel - 10 seconds, which is yet another cd that I've been wanting to buy forever. Ryan showed up there to meet us and after hanging around the store for a while hoping that sole would show up, we left for the concert itself.

The concert was really great. Grand Buffet opened the show, whom I was not familiar with at all. They are very easy to like when you see them live, though. They have a fantastic stage presense and are just plain really funny. As for seeing Sole live, it was something that must have happened for me. I really like the things I have heard by him, but this was a different experience. It always seems to help me understand and enjoy the artist much more when I see them live. The same thing was true for me with Murs as well. A great show, overall. And it was all over by 9 so I was able to move on to other adventures later in the night.

So me and ryan went to melissa's party. A billion people were there and I didn't know most of them. I did try and be social, though. Met a few nice people, had a few drinks and laughed and danced and sang.

After the party, me, ryan and brendan went to Beth's for late night eating. but not before I got pulled over by a cop and got a $84 speeding ticket. Fuck that. Going to be contesting that bitch right there. Beth's was decent, as per usual. We had a fun conversation about music and art with the waitress and before we left there, Reg showed up, but completely unrelated to our being there. crazy!

Today, there was a lunch with brendan and todd at northlake pizza and then tonight I had dinner at my sister's house for my brother-in-law's birthday. it was a nice calm evening with family. As I was leaving to go home, they gave me one of the two birthday cakes that were there. this one is not even touched yet. yummy cakey goodness.

Oh, I bought the new tosca album tonight, too. So very very good.

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