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Suckered into working

Last night, I was drinking and staying up late, safe with the knowledge that I could sleep in today and be fine. Not working is a beautiful thing.
I get woken up at 10 am today with a phone call. I should know better then to answer phone calls in the morning, but I didn't think of it since i was woken up. I answer it and it's Erin, the new girl at work. She is suppose to be opening the store, but her boyfriend's car is broken down. She needs someone to cover her shift for a couple hours. After much battling in my head, I end up agreeing only because she told me that she could be at work to take over by 1 pm. If she is there by then, I will be ok with my original plans today of going to see Irréversible at 1:50 at the Varsity. Otherwise, I will be cross.

Something that is happening tonight, though, is the Sole show tonight at the Graceland. My ticket is already bought and I am so excited for this. How long have I waited to see Sole live. If you are looking for something to do at 5 tonight, I recommed showing up at the graceland for this show. It's all ages, too.

Anyways, I have to bust now. Hopefully, I will only be working for about 2 hours.
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