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Earlier today, I went to Costco with Brendan and Amber. Did a bit of shopping (I have more food now) and ate lunch there. While sitting and eating lunch, I got a phone call from the manager of the Aurora store. She was desperately searching for someone to work monday, and me being the push over that I am, I agreed to work from 10 to 4 tomorrow. I'm kinda annoyed at myself for this, but if I'm working monday, this will push me into overtime this coming week. There just isn't anyway to not to get overtime now. I just need to keep that in mind here.

After the costco trip, Brendan and I went to the Lake City Lounge for a Martin "Luau" King Party which was quite fun actually. We played some cheap ass games that were very fun and talked and laughed and ate strange food (but it really wasn't that strange).

Once me and brendan got back home at around 11, he started not feeling too well and I drove him to the hospital. They did some tests and I sat around for about 2 hours and read. Good times, these are. I just have to say, who will drive Brendan to the doctor when he leaves? :)

Bed time now, I must say.
It's been an interesting day.
I have to get up for work
Or else I'll feel like a jerk
I'll just keep thinging about the pay.

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