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Hello, wine is my friend. Me and brendan played nba live and chatted for a while. a nice relaxing evening. It's what i needed after a strange evening at work.

So I got this phone call at work. It went something like this:
Me: Lover's Package, how can I help you.
Guy on the phone: Yea, do you have any girls you can send out tonight?
M: Um, I'm sorry?
G: Do you have any girls you can send out?
M: I don't understand the question.
G: Oh, ok, I'll call somewhere else.
And he hangs up. This sounds like a call for an excort service to me. What the fuck. We don't have hookers or anything. Fuck, man. Very strange.

Oh, the other thing that happened is that this black couple was in the store shopping around and when they came up to the counter to buy their stuff he said, "I know that not many black people are come into the store, but not all black people are shop lifters. You don't need to watch over us the entire time that we are in the store." Now, I wasn't watching them more then any one else in the store. It was pretty busy at that time and I was standing in front of the counter watching everyone. I wasn't watching anyone in particular and I told them this. I told them I was sorry if they felt that I was watching them too much, but it's my job to be there. This really bothered me. I'm not trying to judge anyone that comes into the store or anything. The last thing that I want is to make any customers feel uncomfortable.

Blah. This stuff bothers me. I don't want to be labeled racist or anything so when he said that, I really felt bad about it. I don't believe I was doing anything wrong. Just doing my job. Sigh, I hate retail sometimes. I want to have a different job.

I'm kinda drunk now. I do get two days off now and I really need them. I've been fighting this cold and two days off will help that. Tomorrow, I will have no worries.

I miss Kristen already. I wish she was back from he weekend vacation.


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Jan. 19th, 2003 08:43 am (UTC)
One thing that I got really nervous about at my work (also retail), was a few weeks ago when my manager suspiciously came up to me and told me to walk around the front of the store and make sure I talk to all the ment without a woman (it is a woman's clothing store). I did, and thought that was strange, but didn't really think about it until later when she explained to me that the two hispanic men that had just came in resembled a few people who had shoplifted from our store before. The only descriptions she had to go on was "Hispanic male, black hair, 5'6" glasses," and "Hispanic male, black hair, possibly facial hair, 5'8"." While I understand that if you have a description like that it is hard to single out any Hispanic male as the theif, but I still feel it is sort of racist to follow around any hispanic man who comes into the store. It just made me also very uncomfortable.
Jan. 19th, 2003 12:26 pm (UTC)
The people that I suspect most about shoplifting are the people who are 18 or 19 years old and come in as groups.

But I try not to judge any type of people too much. Any sort of racial profiling bothers me lots.
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