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The carpet has been saved! It's no longer covered in the ugly light red coloring that was once there. There was much rejoicing following that.

Rob's play was really good too. After seeing it and reading the review of it in the stranger, that review makes even less sense (if it actually made any sense in the first place). Yea, I thought that everyone did a great job acting and the writing was really quite good as well. I was quite impressed by the different monologues in the play. Good job, Rob!

Moving right along, I would like to point you at today's Something Positive comic. This one had me laughing about it for several minutes, I'll tell you.

As we approach christmas, the times at which the store opens will be getting earlier and the times at which the store closes will be getting later. I have to wake up at around 7:30 in the morning so that I can open the store at 9. There will also be some times when I will be closing the store at 11 pm. At least this madness will only last about two weeks and then things will return back to normal. So it's bedtime now so that I won't be late.

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