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The aftermath

Tonight I saw Tchkung, in what may be their last performance ever. You can't be positive about that, only because they came back once before so they might come back again. It's at least the last show for "a longish period" as the flier said.

The show was everything I hoped it would be, once again. They are amazing live and the audience is just as in it as Tchkung is. The show was fucking packed and they were turning people away before the show started. Fortunately, Chad, Brenna and I all got there early enough to be about to go into the show. Before the show, we hung out in the bar area drinking, as well as just outside, taking in all the interesting people that were around.

Once the show started, it was madness. The standard of passing around money for everyone to burn, covering everyone in mud and all the stage showmanship was there. The band did basically the same thing with throwing oil on people and having Bush and Hussein fight which was amusing. It seemed like a much bigger effort to do that this time because the venue was so packed. The music the band played was slightly different, though. Tchkung played a much longer set tonight and they also did an encore, which I don't think I've ever seen them do before. Very exciting.

Anyways, I could pour out about this for a whole lot longer if I wanted to, but I really think it's time for bed. I have to work tomorrow and no matter what, I can not be late.

In summary, the show was great. I'm sad that I may never get to see them perform again, but I will cross my fingers that they will. I took some pictures at the show which will be posted when they get developed. I have a couple pictures of me after the show which I will post as soon as I get my windows computer hooked up again (this is the same as the net party pictures). Good night.

The picture gallery is up. Pictures are being posted as I get them.

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