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night in review, drunkin style! spell checking is bad! just a warning for you.

"more sake" he said as he poured himself another drink. Puzzle Fighter will be the death of me. Akuma can eat a dick. For realz. Good time tonight. The beck concert was fucking awesome. The flaming lips were a band I had wanted to see for a while and it was worth it. Beck was everything I expected and more. So many sounds worth hearing and the songs were good too. After the show, I sent myself to a bar in issauqha so that I could srink with my coworkers from lovers package. we did 'bad medicine" karaoke stylez and hype up the store to all that were listening. sarah was working the evening shift and managed to make goal by $17!!!! she fucking rocks like no ones bizness. yar. the bar closed at 1:15 so we all decided to hit up a different bar in issaquah for drinks before 2. we get tehre and I have another drink and we all chat a bit beofre close. tomorrow, there is an actual meeting for work at 7 pm. i need to make sure I'm there. anyways, we kill the last couple minutes at this bar and then everone leaves to go home. when i get home, i decide I need more drinks, hince the sake that I am drinking now. I wan't really drunk until i got home at around 2 and started drinking more. it's a good life. I'm glad I had this sake left over for me to partake in. wweeee.

it's so foggy outside that when i look around I can see the fog right in front of my face. little particles floating around, dancing like no one's business. it's wonderful.

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