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An evening in review

A summery tonight. A write up of the fun after I sleep. I promise.
There was bauhaus sans coffee with alexis joined shortly thereafter by blythe and cara.
There was rejected by bimbos due to arriving shortly after closing.
There was breakfast at IHOP because apparently it is just plain wrong to order anything else there.
There was a conversation with a drunk guy who is a fisherman from upstate new york who loves primus and has a big penis.

More to come soon. I would write it now, but I am tired. I watched the extended version of The Lord of the Rings tonight which I am very happy with. The things that were added to the film helped it be better. More character development, as well as more exposure to the wonderful world of J.R.R. Tolken. There is way too much bonus material on those DVDs, though. I will never be able to watch it all.
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