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Bowling for Columbine; Punch-Drunk Love; more

I got to see both of my movies today. I drove my broken ass car to seattle and crossed my fingers that it wouldn't explode on me or anything. It makes it out there just fine and I head to see Bowling For Columbine with Chad and Brenna. The movie was fascinating and thought-provoking and all those other movie reviewish words. I highly recommend everyone in the entire world to go see this movie. Sure, it's about guns and school shootings and the like, but it's never actually giving a side for or against guns. Instead, it's just raising some very interesting questions about why America has so many shootings when other countries do not. Micheal Moore asks the questions that others are afraid to and does it only like he knows how. Please, go see this movie.

After watching that, I had dinner with Chad and Brenna and then went to meet up with Mark and his friends to see the new P.T. Anderson film, Punch-Drunk Love. Personally, I liked it, but I can see that this movie won't be for everyone. It's a bit out there and random, like P.T.'s other movies, but this time Adam Sandler's character is really the only focus. But the movie still maintains the P.T. Anderson feel to it. I think this is because although there is only a single character in focus with the film, there are two or three short story lines all wrapped around each other. Also, the movie held this wonderfully stylistic image the whole way through. If you are a fan of P.T. Anderson's other work, don't pass this one up just because Adam Sandler is in it, though. He is quite good in it.

Rumor has it that TchKung! is playing some shows in Seattle in the beginning of November. How very potentially interesting. Will they light shit on fire and throw tear gas into the audience? Only time will tell.

Time for bed now. I'm working at the Issaquah store tomorrow. I got the closing shift. Then following the whole working thing, there is a party that I am to be going to.

I haven't posted any sort of quiz in a while. It feels like it's time again.
intense kisser

You Are An Intense Kisser!

Deep tounging, nibbling, and locking lips for hours are on your agenda.

You've been known to wear lovers out with your kiss,

before getting to anything else on the menu.

And given that you kiss so well... imagine how you do everything else.

How Do *You* Kiss?

More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva

heh. I have been complimented on my kissing before.

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