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At one point during the night, we were all hanging outside of Dick's Drive In. This lady pulls up in her car and yells "Does anyone want any cake?" and the random assortment of people all yelled "Yes!". The lady then pulls a cake out of her car and drives away. All the people then start digging into the cake with their hands. It was messy, cakey goodness, from what I could tell. I didn't have any, though.

At another point in the night, we were playing Pictionary. I had to draw a 'Bearskin Rug'. Quentin actually successfully guessed it too. In the end, me and Quentin beat Ashley and Alexis at Pictionary because we are better people. Or luckier. Or something like that.

There was this other time during the night where me and Quentin discussed our sexual histories over a pitcher of Pabst Blue Ribbon at the Comet. Yea, we did mention you.

I am so tired now, that my eyes actually physically hurt. A sign from the gods of sleep, me thinks.
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