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My parents woke me up today around 9 or 10, asking if I was working. I informed them that I was not today. They then informed me that some kid that used to live in the neighborhood committed suicide a couple days ago and they were leaving for the funeral.

My dad told me that what happened was that he went to traffic court and contested a ticket. He was quite nervous about the whole situation but managed to get through with it. He then called his father and said how it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. Then he was driving home from court and got pulled over for speeding and got a ticket. Apparently this was too much for him because he then went to his house, found his father's gun and shot himself.

Now, I can't remember who this family is at all. They were just another family living in the neighborhood to me. My mom was telling me that she used to babysit for them. I know which house they lived in and everything, but I just don't have any memories of them.

I've slept too long today. The day is passing me by. It's time to get up and dressed and get this freakin' party started.

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