The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
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Paid my cell phone bill. I then changed my service so that I will have free long distance and no roaming charges and more minutes. I finally got that shit all fixed up and I'm content. I talked to a customer rep and she told me that my phone should be working by tonight or tomorrow. That's a relief. And I just tested it now and it seems to work just fine. You can test it too, if you'd like. :)

Not sure what is going down tonight. Still sorting out the details. I'm a bit tired so maybe I should take a nap. I also should do laundry. I also need to go out to K&M's house sometime tonight.
I have tomorrow and monday off from work so at least I get a couple days rest now before working again. On Tuesday, I'll be at the Totem Lake store all day.
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