The Greatest Fucking Genius of All Time (patrick) wrote,
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lan party

The LAN party was a smashing success! In attendance were myself, Adam, Tony, Evan, Devon, and Leigh. Video games were played and computers were hax0red. We got our game on with TotalA and Rune and Quake 3.

I'm very happy that my computer performed wonderfully and I didn't have any problems with it all night. That's a nice change of pace. When I used to bring my other computer to these things, I would have issues with games.
I'm home, safe and sound now. Too tired to plug the computer in and get it all set up again. I'll worry about it tomorrow when I get up. Other plans for tomorrow are: Working at 4 pm at the Totem Lake store. I've never worked there before, but apparently I'm going to start working there a bit. Also, I talked to London and there is apparently something going down tomorrow afternoon. I may do that.
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